Look at the web sites given here to find the information that will enable you to answer questions about Antarctica fossils.
  • Marine Fossils from Antarctica. Visit this site for an overview of the fossils found in Antarctica and what they reveal about the past climate and geographical location of Antarctica. Scroll down to see photographs of some of the fossils found on Vega Island, an island just off the coast of Antarctica.
  • New Dinosaur Finds In Antarctica Paint Fuller Picture of Past Ecosystem. Visit this site to learn why the discovery of a hadrosaur, a duck-billed dinosaur, in Antarctica is an important clue to the climate of the continent 66 to 67 million years ago.
  • Antarctic Dinosaurs At this site you can learn more about the first dinosaur fossils found in Antarctica, including a Late Cretaceous ankylosaur found on James Ross Island in 1986. Scroll down to find out why so few dinosaur fossils have been found on this continent.
  • Fossils From Mesozoic Era Antarctica. Go to this site for a brief discussion of continental drift (now called plate tectonics) and how it affected Antarctica. There is a good map of Antarctica here. Scroll down to see an interactive graphic of continental drift with a key to the continents. Continue to scroll down to see a list of fossils found in Antarctica.
  • When Dinosaurs Roamed Antarctica… Visit this site to read about dinosaur and reptile fossils found in the Transantarctic Mountains. These fossils are from the middle Jurassic, about 175 million years ago.
  • Antarctic Summer - Fossils in Antarctica This report by ABC News Online discusses the issues surrounding fossils that were found in Antarctica in 1978. Read the report to learn what types of fossils were found and what is being done to preserve the exposed fossils that still exist.
  • Antarctic Explorers This page talks about the fossil found in the Transantarctic Mountains. Try this link for information about the dinosaur and the time period and this wiki link talks specifically about the Cryolophosaurus.
  • Information on Vega Island
  • Wiki article on the South Pole
  • Wiki article on Pangaea
  • Wiki article of the geology of Antarctica